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Friday, January 27, 2012

Clutter Bug!

Had a garage sale today, holy cow, I had a lot of stuff to get rid of!  I hate clutter, but I can never seem to get rid of it; I have so much stuff that is from my childhood (late childhood) or that has a meaning attached to it that I cannot seem to part with it!  By "meaning," I mean, I know exactly who gave me what and when, I cherish the people in my life and those are the things that make me think of them.

It's not all my fault, I like to think it isn't anyway;  when I was four, my mother and father had their divorce and my father took everything, I mean everything!  We had beautiful collectibles that would be worth so much in today's society!  The sad part is that he took everything from my mother (who earned it all) and was put in jail shortly after for going into hiding with us kids, not letting our mother know where we were.  So I was speaking with my father's sister and she had a letter written to her from him, from his jail cell and it said that when he was put in jail, his friend took all the stuff that he had taken from us and did whatever he wanted with it (basically sold it and kept the money) because my dad said that he was flat broke.  In that letter it had said the man contacted our mother (so, I am guessing that was the person we purchased our two photo albums that we have today from; which we paid $500 for) and that was the last time my mother was ever seen by him or any of them.  

My guess is that this is the reason why I hold everything so near and dear to my heart simply because we have lost it all and have had to start over, not just once, but twice (did I mention while my mother was alive, she had someone live with her for three months that came back while she was out of town, visiting me nonetheless and the Richardsons, who were watching her home allowed the woman in and she stole everything, I mean neighbors said that they saw a Uhaul pull up and they thought my mom was moving and sad to say, lol, it was most of mine and my husband's stuff, for the most part, luckily not memories, just stuff)  Needless to say, what I have left is absolutely precious to me and it has become so hard to let things go because you never know what surprise life has in store.  

Today was a good day though, I cleared out a lot of our garage and I am ready for the next phase, cabinets, all of our old cabinets are out there along with granite counter tops, yup, it's going to look pretty snazzy.  It was all left over stuff from when we redid our kitchen and I think it's going to work quite nicely!   Let's just say, half down, half to go, trying to let things go! 

I know, I know, let the stuff go and a weight will be lifted... I'm working on, I am working on it!

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