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The Quiet Book

So i wanted to share the quiet book that I'm's probably halfway done and all my ideas are from blogs that i have seen over the years, believe me there is no "right" way to make a quiet book!
Believe it or not i started this book about 2 years ago just after my daughter was born, i knew that sadly it would take me a couple years to finish,i tend to have a bad habit of  starting a project and not finishing -well at least not finishing for a few years,(depending on the project) but it does get done eventually!

Hailey is finally at the perfect age to understand (most) of the pages so I'm excited to finally finish it probably in the next couple weeks.

 Top two: oven and cupcakes,cupcakes fit in the oven
Bottom two: Put the flowers in the vase

  Top two: build a burger each part of the burger has Velcro on it & flower pot,flowers can be removed.
Bottom pages: Write a note & then put it in the mailbox

  Top Pages: Tic-tac toe & Stop light has Velcro on each color so you can match the colors
Bottom Pages: Purse has fake money & Piggy has a slot to put the money in

Top Pages: Match the shapes & the girl has yarn hair and clips to play with
Bottom Pages: Noah's ark with finger puppet animals & weaving page

Top Pages: Put the ice cream on the cone & Velcro heart puzzle
Bottom Page: Stoplight (repeat) & gumball machine is to match colors

Hope you enjoyed ...and maybe got some ideas to make your own quiet book!


Are you ready for another cute project? I'm going to show how to make my favorite felt flower- 
simple but oh so beautiful!  So let's get started!

What You'll Need 

Stretchy lace
Glue Gun
Sewing Machine
Pearl or button

First cut a flower shape out of paper- and choose your color of felt

 Trace 5 flowers out of the felt.

Next cut them out making sure to not leave any pen marks on the flower pieces -
 I made the mistake of using a black pen- and wished i had used a lighter color.

So out of the flowers you cut out you will use 1 for the base and 4 for the petals.
Start by folding flower pieces in half.

As you fold them in half lay them down one by one layering them as shown.

It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but put a stitch or two on each petal to hold it down.

After that you'll want something to put in the center. I chose pearls and decided 
that I wanted to put this flower on a headband for my daughter so I cut out a felt circle...

Sewed together the ends of the elastic and glued the felt circle over the seam I had just sewn.

Then i flipped it over and glued the flower to the other side.

Then try it on your little one (or yourself if you made it for you)

My little one is very girly  :)

Ohhhh pretty!! See how simple that was? ADORABLE!!

Also if your feeling extra crafty you can put a hair clip on the back...
these will easily pin onto baby headbands!


Hey everyone! My name is Jewels and I love sewing and crafting with a strong passion! There's nothing more fun and even stress relieving for me than to create something beautiful! So i will be throwing in a few crafts and then some here on Live 'n' Love Out Loud!

A couple weeks ago i was browsing some crafts online (looking for some inspirations) and came across this website and instantly fell in love with the floor cushions! Well when I fall in love with a project, you better believe I put my heart and soul into making it! 

This tutorial was so quick, easy and to the point - and when I say quick... I did it during my daughter's nap time which was just under an hour! It's honest to say, there will be more floor cushions over here in the near future!

The finished Product.........