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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Kid on the Block

What happened to the good-old-days when the employers came searching for their employees; they valued who they found and gave them every means possible to become successful because they hired you; they believed in you, so they made a way for you to become great at your job.
We all know that school is a joke; you get a degree, but few and next to none of us learn what it is that we will actually be doing after we earn that sheet of paper and even fewer people end up in the work force they studied in school.  It is only when we enter the job force that we truly find out what the job is and what we will be doing and every business has a different way of doing everything, so one job hardly ever relates to the next.  We have to be creative in how we go about finding jobs nowadays and you have to be the perfect fit in order to keep one because everybody knows that if you aren't, there are thousands of others who are wanting your job and you are completely replaceable.
My brother and sister 'n' law are on the search for a new job; twice they have been victims of, "Quick to hire, quick to fire (as she would put it)" positions.  This economy is tough, really tough to get a job and just as tough to keep one.  What are these employers thinking, why are they wasting so much money and time hiring people that aren't quite what they are looking for and firing them so soon.  Why aren't they giving new kids on the block a chance; time to learn and get the hang of things.  Don't these people realize that eventually they will have to hire someone straight out of school, that they will have to train them to do their job; the ignorance of some of these people is absolutely baffling to me.
George Washington at Valley Forge
I worked at an eye clinic and they would invest a ton of money in training someone and they would fire them within a year (it worked that way with nearly 80% of their employees).  It's no wonder our economy is in such a slump, we have businesses who waste a ton of money on employees that they hire, fire, hire and train all over again.  Then we have our government who spends more money on space exploration than keeping our society out of poverty.  What gives!!  The government needs to hand the budget to a group of stay at home Mothers that don't have the choice to print more money to cover their behinds, they live within their means and come up with creative ways to make ends meet.  Crazy yea, but what has worked... absolutely nothing so far, the true definition of ignorance "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results."  Our government says things in a different way, but always does things the same as before... do it completely differently and maybe we might finally get somewhere!!!
Our people deserve to have a government and jobs who care more about us and our family than themselves, that is how it's supposed to be and yet, it hasn't happened in decades!  Politicians just keep acting as if they care, but continue to waste money where it isn't necessary.  Whatever happened to the love of which this country was founded, the love of God and family... none of that seems to matter to people when they talk about money and politics, they emphasize nearly everyday that if we are supporting Wallstreet everything else will be ok, but really if we are supporting the family, everything will be ok.  We are in the middle of the windstorm, it keeps pounding us and there is someone right inside the house holding an umbrella, just watching us get pounded with dirt, rain and wind.  They don't have the decency to invite us to take the umbrella and most certainly would never come out to help;  they just continue to watch and think about what they could do; that is our government and our jobs, they are not active in their contributions because they hold all the cards and it's much too easy to say they care rather showing it.  
We need to start helping  one another, thinking of each other, the little things add up; f your neighbor leaves out their trash can and you know they can be fined for it, put it next to their garage, don't just walk or drive by it each day thinking about how many fines they may be racking up.  You walk by someone's parking meter and it's out of time and you happen to have a dime in your pocket, put it in... do unto others as you would want done unto you and maybe karma will start passing along some good stuff rather than, "it's not my problem."  We need to take care of each other, as neighbors... as family.  Everyone needs help one time or another and we should take it upon ourselves on a daily basis to provide inspiration to become a better people all the time, not just in time of need and desperation.

Live 'n' Love Out Loud!!

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