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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

In my house there is always something to do, it was a foreclosure and my husband is an Architect major who works at Sherwin Williams... need I say more!  Basically, our house was a clean slate to do the craziest, out-landish, whatever you can come up with kind of things.  Lately we have begun painting walls, I pick the color while my husband does the work.  He finished our family room, which looks incredible by the way; mostly because of the design that my husband came up with and I completely love it! Now he is painting a part of the ceiling that we can see from the bottom floor, Im loving it.  Oh yes, not to mention, I'm in need of some advice of whether we should leave up this painting poster thing that my husband purchased behind my back, he does that when I say "No" to something that he wants... do all husbands do that?  All I know is that I am home all day and he is not, so I am the one who has to endure it on a daily basis and that makes my opinion much more important when it comes to anything in the home (I think anyway).

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bridgette said...

that looks awesome!! I like the poster. :)