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Friday, September 30, 2011

Learning+serving= LOVE

Can I be completely up front with you, I mean very honest! I know a lot of people who are married, a lot of people who aren't and the majority of them who aren't, are happier than the ones who are... how could this be when you married "The one that made you happiest!"  I don't understand how someone could go through so much trouble to get married to someone and not put the effort into the relationship afterwards;  learning about that person or spending time getting to know them, who you chose to live forever with.  Happiness is always the consequence of serving others or looking at the bright side of things (which are two things that we should practice on a daily basis with our spouses).  I was speaking to a friend earlier and everyone they know has a halfway failed marriage.  Why do we keep living life... learning, bettering ourselves at our job and dreaming of what life has to offer, when what's great about life is sitting right in front of you and within arms reach.  We go to school to learn and to have a better life in the long run, we would never go just to be in a chair for eight hours a day just for the heck of it, so why would we get married "just for the heck of it."  It may not be easy, but we need to remember to keep working on ourselves and learning about our spouse to have a better life in the long run; we don't know and never will know everything about them, so why do we think that after marriage our education ends?  Why is it the pursuit of a person, "the wooing phase," is where we learn and think that once it ends, it's time to stop learning.  It is so important for us to keep wooing our spouses, even more important, hello... they aren't going anywhere!  Why are we so quick to spend time and money on someone when we don't even know if they're going to stick around and then when you have that someone that will stick around, they are the least likely person that you'll ask their favorite color, if they'd like to go on a picnic or even "what can I do for you to make your life easier?"  Why do we assume that marriage is an excuse to be a lazy person who happens to be in a long relationship?  Let's all start doing it, lets learn about our spouses together and keep the music alive;  we don't throw it away just because someone put a scratch in the disk, you just buff it out and try it again...

Live 'n' Love Out Loud!!