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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laptop... yup, the laptop!

I must say, my two year is gorgeous, adorable and has a lot of spunk... everything a mother can ask for, but as of yesterday, did the worst thing that a child can do! My daughter was about 8 months old when she started eating some adult foods and things didn't go so well, basically never ate!  I was given a laptop a few months ago because a friend of ours had a laptop that his work was getting rid of and we put it at the end of our kitchen table to entertain our daughter in high hopes that she would start eating at every meal.  Sure enough it worked!! I was joyful of this because our daughter is so small that she is in the 20% percentile according to the pediatrician, when she started out at the 80th! This kid needed to start eating frequently rather than every other meal.  It was so nice, she came to know that if she wasn't eating then she doesn't watch a movie, this had solved our problem completely... as of yesterday.  Yesterday our daughter was left alone for a few short minutes just as we always do (in and out of the dining, just for checkups to make sure she's eating) and as I came in, she had water dripping from her mouth and leaning over the laptop; I freaked!  I was hoping that she hadn't done anything yet, but I lifted the laptop to move it and sure enough water spilled out, I mean spilled- out! While I knew there was little to no hope for saving the thing, I put it in front of the floor fan for the next 12 hours, as I had done with a couple of cell phones in the passed, but it didn't work.  My poor laptop was ruined... kids (could you see my head shake back and forth in disbelief?);  you can't live with them and you can't live without' em!

Live *n* Love Out Loud!!

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