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Friday, March 23, 2012

Here today, gone tomorrow.

My husband arrived home at 7:45 ish, he had a blank stare on his face and says, you will not believe what just happened to me, I think I just saw someone die.


"Yea, I was driving down Stapley when a man was walking across the road and was hit by a truck.  Me and two others swerved to miss him, truck driver didn't stop immediately, but did and came back, he stood over the man yelling, "What were you thinking!!"  We called the police and we were waiting for them to arrive, but I felt sick and several others were there so I left. While standing over this guy, he was bleeding from his head and girgaling as if he were dreaming in his sleep."

This is the second time my husband has seen something as devistaing as this.  A few years ago, he was at the gym, working out when an old man who was jogging on the tredmill fell face- first, hitting his head.  Some some people were giving him mouth to mouth as they were waiting for the medics arrived, the did within minutes, everyone was standing in silence as the pronounced him dead.

Now he is acting in silence, not much to say, very distant.  People die everyday, we don't think about it too much, but when it is in our presence or in relation to us, it really hits home.  My advice and one thing that conforts me is when I see an accident I pray for the family and the people involved, that they will be conforted and ok.  This is a way that all of us can show respect in these very sad circumstances.

Live as if today were your last my friends, say I love you, give hugs and show your love to those that mean the world to you. Here today, gone tomorrow... you never know. 

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