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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Times flys!

This year has flown by!! I cannot believe that it is nearly December.  We had our baby blessing on my birthday... just about the only time that I can be happy for it to be on a Sunday, it was so neat!  All of my husbands family came, they are the most wonderful bunch of people you will ever meet. Riel is sooo big, at just three months old, she is at least 12 pounds (last visit to the pediatrian) and growing like a weed!  At week two, she was already holding up her head and body so steadily that it seems as though she's six months old.  The little ones grow so fast and the big ones grow even faster... it makes me sad!  They are so beautiful, watching them talk and raise their little hands, to watch those small fingers rub that little head... it is amazing.  As she eats, she closes her eyes with satifaction and drifts into a world of her own.  Everytime I watch her, it calms me and gives this overwhelming feeling of doing something right.

My toddler, her name is Skylie, she is amazing, she loves her little sister so much.  She gives her kisses nearly everyday and this week she gave her a cold... something that I wish she wouldn't have shared.  She has this beautiful way about her, the way she wants to be independant, but wants you to be watching to make sure she does it right (the perfectionist side of her).  Of course she loves to play and it makes me so sad when we go to play and the neighbors aren't ourside, she feels alone. That's exactly why I had another one so soon, so that she would have a built- in playmate and best friend; I'm so sad to see Riel to get big, but I can't wait for her to be big enough to do all the things that Skylie can.  It will be so wonderful for them and I am so glad that my husband and I decided to add to our family when we did and the timing could not have been more perfect or worked out any better. What made us decide to get pregnant in the first place, well it was with influence of our dogs, Skylie was picking things up with her teeth and bringing them back us to be thrown again, that's when I knew she needed a PERSON in her life to relate to.

It is such a awesome feeling when you do what is right for your children, even if it is the harder thing for you.  Having only one child is so unfair to them.  They grow up alone, always searching for somewhere to fit in, my daughter was experiencing this by the time she was only 1, I couldn't imagine how she would have felt by the time she was 10 or even a teen, at least now she has one person in this world who can know how she feels, to be able to go to school with and to experience this world side by side.  Of course she will always have us, her parents, but we all know, it is simply not the same.

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