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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Day of Aug. 13, 2011... Baby Girl's Birth

This is my second child, my second little diva and I am so excited to have them both, I feel so blessed and so happy to have such sunshine in my life on a daily basis.  I had been pregnant for 39 weeks; I was due August 19, 2011.  I had gained exactly 30 pounds, weighing 152.2 for nearly 10 weeks straight... I'm very consistent with my eating habits, don't eat very much salt or sugar, but other than that, I eat what I want when I want, but I don't have a scale at home to keep track, so it is not on purpose that I don't gain more weight, I believe it happens because of the consistency.  Throughout this pregnancy, there were many ups and downs, felt sick all the time, didn't throw up, but twice, my back ached and I had tons of head and stomachaches, but it's worth every moment of anything pregnancy has to give!!  
On the evening of August 12, 2011 at four p.m. I began to have two contractions within the hour, but they would go away forever and begin again later. Starting at nine 'o' clock, the contractions began to be a bit harder and coming every 10 minutes with gaps of time passing by before another set, I called the nurses station at the hospital and sure enough they said to wait until the contractions where consistently 3 to 5 minutes apart. I waited and waited, the time came to be 11:33 p.m. so I went to bed and I woke up around 11:55 p.m, crying myself out of my sleep.  My husband awoke and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and of course with the severe pain I was in, I said yes.  We gathered what little we had prepared, woke up our 2 year old and headed out the door.  
On the way, I had 2 sharp, intense contractions of which brought tears and instantly went away when the contraction stopped. When we arrived at the hospital, my husband asked me to go inside and he would be there in a few minutes... I asked him to go, I was having a contraction and could not imagine moving in the middle of it.  A few minutes later two people come with a wheel chair and I immediately began asking for my epidural, fearing that I wouldn't have time to get it before the baby came.  The nurse checked me, I was at a 6... about 20 minutes later, I was being transported to a room where they had me stand and put on a different robe.  Right when I stood up, my water broke all at once, literally as water balloon would, drenching my legs and the floor.  My nurse was terribly uncaring about everything you could imagine.  I asked her if she would wipe my legs, "You're just going to get more wet," she says... "Hand me a towel and I'll do it myself," those are the words it took for her to take the time to do as I had asked 5 minutes before. 

The man I had been
 waiting for!!
I got back into the bed, she checked me again and I was at an 8... this baby was coming fast and still no epidural.  Just as I began to ask where the epidural was, the man I was waiting for came to the rescue!!  It took nearly 10 minutes for him to put it in, I was having severe contractions while having to hunch over, curling over my stomach and pushing out my back, it was the most pain that I have ever been in.  
He put it in at 1:05 am and it had kicked in by 1:10...  thankfully, I was feeling much better by then! The nurse checked me right after my epidural and I was at a 10, she told me it was time to push, I asked where my husband was... he was nowhere in sight, so the nurse said, "Let's do two practice pushes." Right after, she felt the head, my daughter was slipping out, no doctor, no husband in sight!!!  Since I felt my daughter coming out, I gave one more push and sure enough, the Doctor walks in, along with my husband, holding my other daughter in his arms... he missed the birth.   

My husband and daughter had finally arrived!
That nurse had no consideration for my family or me... I was so angry with her. By the grace of God, all went well, my daughter is beautiful and the both of them give me the warmth that I feel when going outside after sitting in a cold theatre.  They are truly what I live and breath; being a mother is the most incredible gift that the Lord could have ever given me.  

     Live and Love Out Loud... 

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